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Parental Involvement Policy

In order to guarantee student success, partnerships among schools and parents are vital. Parents participate on school committees such as the Title I committee. At Kelley Lake Elementary, we recognize that parents are their children’s primary teachers and their support is critical in our efforts to provide a quality education to the children at Kelley Lake Elementary. In order to maximize the success of our students the following programs are planned to involve parents at Kelley Lake Elementary.

At Kelley Lake Elementary, one of the primary programs occurs at the beginning of the school year to help establish a relationship between parents and teachers.

Staff Orientation:  The school’s plan is discussed and the goals we set for this year are reviewed so that staff is familiar with their part in helping the school attain the goals.

Open House: The Parent Involvement policy will be presented for review and revisions. Presentation addressing the value and utility of the contributions of parents and how to reach out to communicate with, and work with parents as equal partners to build ties between home and school.

Title 1 Orientation and Curriculum Night:  - At this meeting, the parents will receive an orientation to the Title I school-wide program and the parents will be informed of their school’s participation under Title I. CCRPI which replaces the No Child Left Behind Act and the Parent-Student-Teacher Compact including the parent’s responsibility for supporting their child’s learning will be addressed. At this meeting, the parents will be invited to use the resources available in our Parent Center. An important purpose of these meetings is the timely explanation and description of the school’s curriculum, mission statement, and other school/classroom policies. Parents will be invited to visit the classroom and meet their child’s teacher. At the conclusion of the meeting, a parent involvement survey will be given to the parents for them to complete.

In addition to the Annual Title 1 Meeting, regular PTA meetings are held for parents where information is shared on how they can take an active role in their child’s education. The following meetings and programs are offered at various times throughout the year to meet the needs of the parents at Kelley Lake Elementary:

Parent Center: a resource center that provides resources and information for parents. It will be open for parents to use daily and during After School Programs.

• Parent Conferences: Parents will have an opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher to learn ways they can support learning at home.

After School Tutoring: (Fall & Spring) emphasis is on accelerating learning for students needing extra assistance in Reading and Math outside of the regular school day.


September 6, 2018      6:00 PM
October 25, 2018         6:00 PM
December 13, 2018     6:00 PM
February 21, 2019       6:00 PM
March  21, 2019          6:00 PM
May 9, 2019                6:00PM

Kelley Lake Elementary uses the following communication methods to provide parents with timely information about Title I programs and the academic progress of the students.

Thursday Folder: (Weekly) provide information to parents about the behavior and academic progress of their children. In addition, program announcements and other school related information are sent home in the Thursday folder.

Parent-teacher conferences:  to provide parents with information about the academic assessments used and the proficiency level of their children.

The Kelleygram: an information letter for parents communicate any news that concerns the whole school and any programs or concerns that parents need to learn about are addressed in this publication. The Calling Post is also another form of communication to parents. Important announcements or school events are sent via recorded messages to their home phone.

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